Here is a work-in-progress for a website in New Media class.

We took a product box with 6 sides and made each side a page of the website.

Here are the comps or storyboard or whatever you want to call it for the 6 page website.

(click. it really looks better bigger.)



Tus Ojos...

Here is a poster I did for advanced type. This version is slightly different than the one that is up in CJ (I was told that my colors were too bland in the original).

Here is the original so you can compare.

Leave me a comment... tell me what you think. Which one do you like?


Student Exhibition Call for Entries

Ok so I know that I said I would have work up the first week of January. Well I lied. I've been busy... sorry.

Here is a poster I was asked to do for the admissions office. It's a direction I usually don't go, style-wise, but I enjoyed the change.


Thanks to Sarah W. for the hookup.