La Romana by ::Willie.d::

Decided to make this on the plane ride back home.




Delcibao by ::Willie.d::

So its week two of my design vacation in the DR, and this week i took an identity class with Felix Beltran.

Here is the final product of the class

Delcibao is a local (DR) candy company that i redesigned the identity for. Here is the stationery system.


Willie D


Lights Up by ::willie.d::

So as most of you that know me know already. I went to Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic for a bit of a design vacation. I took the Experimental Typography class with Pablo Medina (www.cubanica.com) from Parsons. The guy is a freaking genius and worked us like crazy and helped us come out with something in one week that i wouldn't imagine to be possible. So Pablo if you read this, thanks.

Anyway this is the final product from the class. This is the Type Specimen poster for my work in progress typeface Lights Up.