Temp Layout Part Deux

Ok. So I got tired of the tan overnight :) So going with a white instead.

I also made this logo last night.


temp layout

so i was bored of the plain black and decided to go with a tan look.

i whipped this up real quick so expect a really nice layout some other time.

stay tuned.


So I've decided (through a friend's creative inspiration) to try to do at least one poster everyday.

6 a week. yes i know that there are 7 days a week, but even god needed to rest one day.

here is the first one of many (hopefully)

visual representation of the beastie boys.

so the 411 on these posters is.... there is a poster show coming up. and I want to submit. I'll pick the best ones to submit at the end of june.

thanks for watching. stay tuned for your local news.