To Go

For all of you that say I only do posters. :)

Here is a package design for a to-go box.

p.s. > I never said I was any good at package design, but i am pleased enough with this to show it.




Plan B

Its done!


This is a movie trailer that I did for my Digital Video class

I want to thank all the people that went out of their way to help me. Javi, Francis, Adam, Dustin, Tyler, Steve, and everyone else that helped me with critiques, location tips and props.




Here is a quick poster I did for my diversity class.

and I mean reeaaaalllly quick.



p.s. : Ill post the poster from the sneak peek tomorrow.


Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peak at the latest creation.

Starts going up later this week.



City Versus Nature

So here is the latest.

We had a timed editing test in Digital Video class. 2 hours to edit a 30+ short.

City vs. Nature (click any one of the images to go to the video)

be patient... it might take a while to load.



Player's Ball

Here's a quick flyer I did for the player's ball.

Expect to see more work done for Student Life in the future.

Thanks goes out to Orlando, Ross and Jim for the hookup.


Illustration Renovation

Here's the latest.

Poster for Illustration Renovation.

Thanks to Jane for the opportunity to do this.



Information Architecture

Here is a little something I did for a class.

Information Architecture


Illest of Ill

Ok ladies and gentlemen.

Here are the last two posters for Illest of Ill.

Its been fun, stressful and a great opportunity for exposure at Ringling.

Thank you to Adam, Sarah, Sarah, Dustin, Jared for trusting me with their work. I hope you guys like them.

Thank you to Adam, Sarah, Erin, and Jane for giving me this great opportunity.


Illustration by Sarah Watts.

Illustration by Dustin D'Arnault


AIGA flyer

Here is a quick flyer I did for the AIGA student group.




Illest of Ill

Here's the latest.

Call for Entries Poster:

illustration by Sarah C.

Then the Poster Series.

illustration by Adam Volker.

illustration by Jared Fiorino.

Thanks to the ill majors for letting me do this.

Willie. D


La Romana by ::Willie.d::

Decided to make this on the plane ride back home.




Delcibao by ::Willie.d::

So its week two of my design vacation in the DR, and this week i took an identity class with Felix Beltran.

Here is the final product of the class

Delcibao is a local (DR) candy company that i redesigned the identity for. Here is the stationery system.


Willie D


Lights Up by ::willie.d::

So as most of you that know me know already. I went to Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic for a bit of a design vacation. I took the Experimental Typography class with Pablo Medina (www.cubanica.com) from Parsons. The guy is a freaking genius and worked us like crazy and helped us come out with something in one week that i wouldn't imagine to be possible. So Pablo if you read this, thanks.

Anyway this is the final product from the class. This is the Type Specimen poster for my work in progress typeface Lights Up.




Temp Layout Part Deux

Ok. So I got tired of the tan overnight :) So going with a white instead.

I also made this logo last night.


temp layout

so i was bored of the plain black and decided to go with a tan look.

i whipped this up real quick so expect a really nice layout some other time.

stay tuned.


So I've decided (through a friend's creative inspiration) to try to do at least one poster everyday.

6 a week. yes i know that there are 7 days a week, but even god needed to rest one day.

here is the first one of many (hopefully)

visual representation of the beastie boys.

so the 411 on these posters is.... there is a poster show coming up. and I want to submit. I'll pick the best ones to submit at the end of june.

thanks for watching. stay tuned for your local news.